Monday, June 01, 2020

Styx on the White House lockdown, Antifa, etc.



• Rumors that "the white rioters are white supremacists" are bullshit.
• It takes a lot to force the White House to lock down.
• Twitter idiots are in an echo chamber.
• You're free to assemble & protest, but not free to riot.
• None of this has anything to do with Trump.
• This is political opportunism by the left.

Styx on Antifa:

• Styx opposes Trump's move to classify Antifa as terrorist
• Antifa is clearly a gang, not terrorists
• govt has already misused the label "terrorist"
• govt would be able to work around 1st & 4th Amendment by declaring people terrorists
• Antifa riots are geared toward property damage, not killing
• we know where their $$$ comes from: Soros, etc.—people who can hide their funding
• there's no hope of ever arresting someone like Soros, so stop dreaming
• handle this on the ground level via law enforcement
• we need better guidelines for handling riots

Styx on George Floyd, who is already forgotten:

• most people rioting have forgotten Floyd or don't know who he is
• 90% are there for the riot & that's it
• Styx expresses sympathy for good, honest cops who're now associated with the bad apples
• rioters are disrespecting Floyd's legacy; Floyd will forever be associated with these riots
• people don't know civics; they ought to be taught civics to know their rights
• people need to learn civics to understand the difference between protesting and rioting
• nonviolent options were available but not taken
• the left lacks the self-control of the Gadsden Flag-wavers
• legacy media don't hold rioters to a higher standard; there's an assumption of stupidity

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