Thursday, December 31, 2020

am hearing good things about "The Father"

"The Father" is a 2020 film starring Anthony Hopkins as an old father plunging ever deeper into dementia.  According to the critics I've listened to, Hopkins gives an amazing, Oscar-worthy performance.  "The Father" is adapted from a French play titled Le père by Florian Zeller, who also directed this English-language version of his play (translated by British director-playwright Christopher Hampton).

One cynical reason why I want to see this film, which has been described as "an exploration of dementia from the inside," is that I'm looking for a way to examine Joe Biden's deteriorating consciousness, and this film seems like the short route to doing that.  Biden or not, I'm always up for a good Anthony Hopkins performance, and since the film also stars Rufus Sewell—of whom I am a big fan—there's yet another reason to see "The Father."

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