Wednesday, December 09, 2020

PowerLine Week in Pictures: a selection

Dial "H" for "hypocrisy":

Lazy-ass teachers.  Unions mess everyone up.

So that's where they went...

The Joker was right: put people under stress, and they'll eat each other:

I'm confused, too:

Oh, noes!

Impossible to un-see:

Again, dial "H":

Definitely a step down from Olivia to Uma:

This next one is sad and creepy at the same time—sad because it shows dead Star Wars actors as Force ghosts (David Prowse [glasses], who was Darth Vader; Peter Mayhew [tall], who was Chewbacca; Kenny Baker [short], who was R2-D2; and Carrie Fisher, who was Princess Leia); creepy because the scenario can be interpreted in a sinister "Who's Next on the List?" sort of way, and it appears that Harrison Ford (78, like Joe Biden) and Mark Hamill (69) are next.

Ultimate butt-dialing:

Does a bear _____ in the woods?

Can't say that I've ever read a single Brontë novel:

ADDENDUM:  I improved one of the pictures. See the difference(s)?

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  1. Yes, I see what you did there. Your improvement is definitely the breast!



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