Thursday, December 31, 2020

my French bro sends a family pic

In reply to a belated "Merry Christmas!" email I had sent, my French "brother" Dominique sent his own email and a family photo.  The pic shows Dom (front, left) with his wife Véronique (in the back), plus their four kids:  Timothé (back row, behind Dom), Héloïse (front row, second from the left), Joséphine (front row, second from the right), and Augustin (front row, right, with beard).  But who the hell is the dude in the glasses directly behind Joséphine?  The Ducoulombier family is huge, so this is probably some cousin or other (unless he's the boyfriend of one of the girls) whose name and face I really ought to remember.  But I don't, alas.  The ravages of old age.  We're all slowly Bidening.

UPDATE:  Dominique wrote me back quickly after I asked him who the dude was.  It's Hugo—Joséphine's boyfriend.  She's living in sin with him in the city of Dijon while she works as a speech therapist (called une orthophoniste in French, ortho being the Greek root for "right" or "correct").  I joked that Hugo looked pretty American.  Dom wrote back that people around him think he looks Irish, but no—he's just French.

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