Sunday, December 20, 2020

the answer to a burning question

Below is a video that goes over the filthy reality of public restrooms.  Among several nasty aspects of public bathroom stalls, the vid focuses on the question of door height:  why do US stalls have doors that don't go all the way to the floor?

Here in South Korea, public-restroom stalls are the way they are in Europe:  the doors go down to the floor, and they don't have huge gaps on the side to allow poop-fetish people to peek in while you're squeezing one out.  I prefer this gaplessness as a matter of privacy.  The best stalls have little outward-facing indicators to tell others whether your particular stall is occupied.  This eliminates the dreaded knock-knock phenomenon.

If I learned anything from the video, it's that washing your hands before exiting the restroom is not the end of the story:  you really need to figure out a way to either re-wash your hands once you've left the bathroom, or to exit the bathroom without touching any of its germ-ridden surfaces.  Good luck as you puzzle that one out.

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