Thursday, December 24, 2020


It's Christmas Eve, and I'm off today, thanks to our boss's clemency.  (He just signed a contract to renew his employment at our company, so in celebration, he shared his joy by giving us time off.)  Not much to do today other than buy some wrapping paper, wrap some presents for JW's family, then visit the family tonight a bit after dinnertime to hang out, unwrap presents (the kids are too impatient to wait until Christmas morning), and maybe share some Yuletide desserts.  I won't eat much while I'm there; I plan to go walking out to the Jamshil Bridge tonight.

So I'm off to do some errands.  If, later this evening, I can get a shot of JW proudly holding up his award plaque, I'll be sure to slap that up on the blog.

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