Wednesday, December 30, 2020

now's the time to get sick, I suppose

I've been in bed all day.  Ever since coming back from my two-day-long, 52K(-ish) walk along the east coast, I've been an achy, ailing mess.  I have no idea why my muscles are reacting this way to what was, after all, a fairly modest stroll by the standards of a trans-Korea walk, but I'm a mass of aches and muscle stiffness.  My right eye also seems to have gotten infected; I'm using my ointment and eyedrops to combat that problem.  At a guess, the places where I slept along the coast weren't always the most sanitary.  (I can eliminate my own pillowcases as a source of infection:  I had washed them only a couple days before the walk.)  Anyway, since I'm on vacation until I return to work on Monday, January 4, this is probably the best time to get sick.  And, no:  it's not COVID, for God's sake.  There's no fever, no dry cough, no loss of taste.  I'm fine.  In fact, as I type this, I'm actually feeling pretty good.

So tonight, I won't do much more than watch a movie or two (I have so, so many movies to watch and review that the list is kind of daunting), then figure out how I plan to spend the rollover to the new year.  I'd still like to eat at an expensive restaurant somewhere; Seoul has plenty of obnoxiously decadent buffets, so maybe I'll go and visit one.  Assuming buffets are open in a pandemic.

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