Sunday, December 06, 2020

the notion that "Trump could still win"

Here's America Uncovered on the idea that Trump still has a chance at reelection:

And here's Tim Pool on how certain people, especially Democrats, are only belatedly paying attention to what Trump's been doing—actions that could lead to his victory:

Of course, the left doesn't really pay attention to Trump the way it should. As the wisdom goes: don't listen to what Trump says: look at what he does. The left consistently fails to do this.  And finally, this image from an Instapundit comment thread:

As I've said before, I'm leery of online rumor-mongering, much of which turns out to be its own sort of fake news.  But if this Pam Bondi is correct, well, her claims are in line with the wisdom I've been hearing elsewhere.  It was probably always the case that Trump intended to take this matter all the way to the Supreme Court; putting Amy Coney Barrett on as a Justice was an investment on his part.  So was Kavanaugh.  Now, we'll see whether Trump gets the karmic payoff he's seeking.


John Mac said...

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that fraud was rampant in this election. It is shocking to me that folks on all sides of the political spectrum aren't outraged by this destruction of our right to choose our leaders. If they get away with it this time we will never have a free and fair election again.

That said, I'm pessimistic that the fraudulent result will be overturned. I'd love to be pleasantly surprised though. The Washington Post says "democracy dies in darkness". Ironically, it is the failure of our now politicized fourth estate that is making this stolen election possible.

The Maximum Leader said...

One comment concerning the boldfaced line in the Pam Bondi quotation. She states, "They have to vote down party lines, they have no choice due to the 12th Amendment to the Constitution." This is not true. The 12th Amendment does not mention parties, or how a Congressional delegation has to vote if the election is thrown to the House. What is clear is that the 12th Amendment clearly states that if the election does go to the House, each state gets one vote. So take Virginia as an example. Virginia has 11 Congressional Districts. The current breakdown is 7 Democrats to 4 Republicans. IF the delegation does a straight party-line vote to determine how the State's single floor vote goes, Virginia would vote Democratic. Bondi is implying that every state will vote straight party-line. In which case, Republicans would win in the House. But this assumes that there will be no cross-over or deals done. Which is hard to believe. There are likely some moderate Democrats representing Trump-leaning districts that might cross-over. Likewise, there are some Republicans in Biden-leaning districts that would also cross-over.

Mostly I was offended by the blatant inaccuracy of the bolded line in the quote.

Kevin Kim said...


I saw comments to that effect over at Instapundit. Another reason to be chary of these types of quotes found online.

Kevin Kim said...


Am wrestling with my own pessimism while trying not to succumb to defeatism.