Wednesday, December 21, 2022

actor Tim Robbins at least partially red-pilled


Actor Tim Robbins expresses remorse about turning on the unvaccinated and the unmasked: 'We turned into tribal, angry, vengeful people'

Leftist actor Tim Robbins appeared on British comedian Russell Brand's podcast this week to retroactively denounce the politicization of health policies during the pandemic and to express remorse about his uncritical acceptance of the media's COVID-19 narrative.

In the Dec. 18 episode of Brand's podcast, Robbins, an Academy Award-winning actor, explained his journey from strict compliance with government edicts early in the pandemic to one of doubt about the inerrancy of so-called health experts and the official narrative constructed around COVID-19, vaccination, lockdowns, and masking.

Despite having initially "bought into it" and "adhering to the requests" made of him, Robbins explained that his real-life encounters were ultimately at odds with what he had otherwise been told about the pandemic, anti-lockdown protesters, and the unvaccinated. This generated a sense of cognitive dissonance, prompting him to doubt the official narrative.

Here's an 11-minute vid of Brand and Robbins:

I bet Robbins's former life-partner Susan Sarandon is still looney-tunes. And I can't say that the above is enough for me to believe that Robbins has been thoroughly red-pilled. He hasn't. The tiger doesn't change its stripes. Charitably, though, I'll give him a little credit for being one of the few lefties to express any level of remorse for previous actions and attitudes.

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