Friday, December 23, 2022


I like how the grammar scold's text is so poorly punctuated.

Brittney Griner is biologically female. I looked it up.

We're still masking up indoors here in Korea. Heil!

the dreaded omnibus bill

can't unsee this

John McCrarey's favorite soup

At least this meme has no typos.

Korean overhears, perks up. Makchang!

I'm sure Canadians would grouse that this is all exaggerated.


Charles said...

No, no, no, and no. You are not just going to drop that ridiculous Santa/Sauron meme in the mix and think I'm not going to notice.

First and foremost, Sauron most definitely does not "see all." If he did, he would still be alive. In fact, much of what happens in the books that concerns Sauron takes place precisely because he is in the dark about what is going on and leaps to the wrong conclusion. When he sees Pippin in the palantír, he assumes that 1) Saruman has captured him, 2) he was the hobbit with the ring, and thus 3) Saruman now has the ring. When Aragorn shows himself to Sauron in the palantír, Sauron moves too quickly in his haste and fear. And when the Men of the West march on Mordor, Sauron fails to realize that it is a feint to draw attention away from the true danger. Despite the fact that Jackson portrays him as a great, flaming eye, if anything Sauron is distinguished by how little he sees.

Slightly less important, but still wrong, is the idea that "your experience with him will depend on your moral conduct." The wording is obviously tortured here in an attempt to cover both Sauron and Santa, but the truth is that Sauron's treatment of others depends solely on how much of a threat they are and/or how useful they might be. He cares nothing for morality.

Merry Christmas!

Kevin Kim said...

And here I was just thinking it was a funny meme. Thanks for the insights.

(The Peter Jackson films show a moment where Sauron's gaze rakes across a rocky landscape right as Frodo drops below the sightline, so as a matter of visual storytelling, even the movies would agree that Sauron does not see all.)

Charles said...

Maybe it's just me, but I only find memes funny if they make sense to me. And if you're going to make a Tolkien meme, you'd better get it right, or the Tolkien nerds will come for you! (Using the general "you" here, of course, not "you" personally.)

And, yes, that scene in the film reinforces the idea that Sauron does not see all. There is also the much earlier scene with Frodo in the Seat of Seeing on Amon Hen. It's a little clearer in the books, but while Sauron sense when Frodo puts on the ring, he can't actually see him. It's quite a terrifying scene in the books as Frodo sits there frozen, knowing that the mind of Sauron is drawing closer.

So, yeah. Lazy memes don't get a pass. If you want your comedy to land, you've got to work at it and be smart about it.