Thursday, December 22, 2022

friendship and motherhood end at the cash register

Headline (NB: ZeroHedge is an alt-media blog, not a news site, hence the swearing):

Caroline Ellison Throws SBF Under The Bus: Pleads Guilty To Fraud, Agrees To Cooperate With The DOJ

Two weeks ago, when amid reports that the former CEO of Alameda Capital (which as a reminder was ground zero of the FTX implosion after it blew up $8 billion in FTX client funds on trades gone horribly wrong), Caroline Ellison, was spotted in New York just after retaining Clinton superlawyer, Jamie Gorelick of Wilmer Hale, which as readers may recall was the former No. 2 ranking member in the Clinton Justice Department, and in a recent interview, she referred to current AG Merrick Garland as her "wingman", we asked if Caroline had rolled on Sam Bankman-Fried, who was also her former lover.

Fast forward to today when we just got confirmation that Caroline Ellison has fucked Bankman-Fried one final time by indeed rolling on him, and "turning states" in the criminal prosecution of the corpulent "Hairy Plotter", who commingled and stole the client money in his FTX exchange to fund a series of terrible crypto bets at his personal hedge fund Alameda, fund tens of millions in donations to democrats and buy up prestigious real estate for himself and his "altruistic" progressive lawyer parents.

I'm content to watch all of this burn down. Lefties should be mindful, though, that when they scornfully refer to "the 1%," they're really referring to dirty Democrats like this bozo. Most of the 1% are Democrats, liberals, and lefties: Jeff Bezos, Jack Dorsey, Carlos Slim (Mexican leftist), Mark Zuckerberg, Tim Cook—even Elon Musk for the longest time. The days of the Texas-oil-billionaire stereotype are over, and it's time to face reality. Here's your 1%, guys.

ADDENDUM: exercise for the reader: rewrite that horrific first paragraph so that it's clearer.

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John Mac said...

Yep, the left is everything they accuse the right of being. I fear the indoctrination is so thorough that people will never wake up to what's happening.