Thursday, December 22, 2022

office-move update

My American coworker and I remain in the dark about when we're moving to our new offices, but my Korean coworker has heard that he'll be moving on January 2, so he at least gets to go through Christmas and New Year's before he has to move. For us Yanks, the move could happen tomorrow or next week or early next year. There's no knowing when you work at a company that takes your foreign ass to be the last priority and doesn't inform you of anything until the very last minute—assuming they inform you at all.

In talking to my boss about moving my stuff, we agreed that it's not an urgent matter since all those bookshelves and boxes are only going back to my place. So there's a chance we'll meet on Saturday and use the boss's SUV to haul my shit in maybe two trips.

I could actually start carrying stuff out today—maybe grab two bookshelves and take the subway home. In fact, I could probably take everything back myself tonight just by making several trips by taxi or by subway. It's not that big of a deal.

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