Friday, December 30, 2022

yesterday's lunch

While I was in the Cheongshil building yesterday, I decided to have lunch at the second-floor Chinese restaurant. Ordered myself some super-expensive gganpoonggi/깐풍기, or chunks of batter-fried chicken slathered in spicy sauce. I'd forgotten how terrible it was at this place. No crunch at all, almost as if the cook had deliberately paused to allow the sauce to soak into the crispy breading. The result was a mushy, spicy mess. I ate it all the same, shaking my head at the expense: W36,000 for such a small dish. At least it photographed well:

I wistfully remember that D'Maris, a high-end buffet near my workplace, used to charge W38,000 for their infinite supply of excellent food. W36,000 for a wimpy plate of soaked-through fried-chicken chunks is highway robbery. 

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