Sunday, December 25, 2022

Christmas 3.141592653...

A bit suntanned, but the galette/pie came out okay:

before the surgery begins

I went back to my pie-making roots to re-create the motnani/못난이 (ugly, misbegotten) pie I'd started out making. I kind of like it, now, and no longer feel any need to apologize for it. 

the remains, still in that pie dish that I first used when I began making pie

The innards are runny because this is the remains of the galette filling from before. A standard apple-pie filling has some thickener in it (flour, cornstarch) to give the pie's innards some body, but a galette has no thickener that I know of: you're simply supposed to put less filling into the galette than would go into a pie. 

took the most suntanned portion for myself... t'was delicious

That about wraps up this culinary adventure. I didn't have the energy to make homemade pasta, but maybe I'll do so next Christmas (or sooner). Depending on where I end up. 

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