Monday, December 19, 2022

off my feet and on my ass

I still haven't seen a doc about the nasty hole in my right big toe, but I treat the wound daily, and it seems, very slowly, to be healing, even while it keeps leaking fluid through bandages and into whatever socks I'm wearing. 

My left foot, which had given me so much pain during the Jeju/Andong walk, seems to be suffering from plantar fasciitis. I've been staying off my feet since my early-November visit to Dr. Jeff's place; plantar fasciitis takes 8-12 weeks to heal. I didn't consult a doctor about this, but online research led me to this self-diagnosis. The symptoms I'd been feeling matched perfectly with descriptions of PF, including a pain starting in the heel and migrating across the sole of the foot. I won't be trying a distance walk until after Christmas. 

The hole in my toe remains painless; frankly, the PF is more worrisome, and it partially explains why I moved at such a painfully slow pace during my long walk. I can walk long distances with a hole in my toe, but if the PF doesn't go away, I'll be stuck having to find other ways to do cardio.

I'm impatient to get back out on the paths, but Mother Nature will not be denied, and right now, she's demanding her tax.

For now, continued rest is the answer.

You know you wanna stick your tongue in there.


John Mac said...

Damn, that toe! You're lucky it doesn't feel as bad as it looks. Is rest the only cure for plantar fasciitis? I can't imagine you without long treks in your life. Best wishes for a complete recovery.

Kevin Kim said...

I'm thinking about biking, but with ice patches on the ground right now, I don't want to risk it. If I were a swimmer, I'd have other cardio options, I guess.