Wednesday, December 28, 2022


I went to sleep at the unusually early hour of 10 p.m. last night—right as the boss's meeting with the CEO was starting. The boss apparently tried calling me several times a bit after 11 p.m. He hates writing (yet another person I know, aside from my buddy Tom, who's in the language-teaching racket yet hates to write), so of course it would never occur to him to leave a lengthy Kakao message or SMS text message. I woke up a bit after 6 this morning—again unusual—and wrote some texted replies. I expect the boss will call again sometime this morning. Maybe it's generational, or maybe it's about one's personality type, but the boss prefers voice contact, something that I, as an introvert, find annoying.

My guess is that the flurry of calls indicates relatively good news, but I can also imagine that this good news doesn't come without a price. We might be asked to move to an even smaller office, for example. Or we might be called upon to "prove our worth" yet again—the same bullshit we have to go through every year or two. God only knows what's in store. With the CEO, if you get your wish, it's more in the vein of the Monkey's Paw than a conventional wish-granting. Anything good has something bad tacked onto it. Every yang has a yin.

Expect an update in a few hours.

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