Friday, December 30, 2022

lunch, December 27

Octopus bibimbap with the octopus on the side:

nakji bibimbap/낙지비빔밥

octopus up close

bibimbap, as yet unadorned

Korean-style miso-ish soup


The Maximum Leader said...

I do love octopus. But I have stopped eating octopus. You may ask yourself, "Self, why on earth would Mike have stopped eating octopus? It is so delicious." Funny you should ask. Thanks to my eldest, I've now watched too many videos all going on about how smart octopi are. I started to have pangs of guilt eating a creature that is probably smarter than a fair number of people with whom I am acquainted.

Kevin Kim said...

The octopus was one of my favorite creatures when I was a child. And I've seen plenty of vids about its intelligence. But, man, is it tasty.