Tuesday, December 20, 2022

shirts, unrepaired

Four weeks ago, I had dropped off two shirts at a clothes-repair shop in the building where I work. Normally, the guy gets my clothes done in two or three business days, but for whatever reason, he delayed and delayed this time, and in the end, he never got the shirts done. I kept checking with him once a week for four weeks, and when Week 4 rolled around, I told him to just give me my clothes back. He lamely tried to say something about how I should have told him that this repair was urgent (the reflexive Korean urge to shirk responsibility when it's a matter of "face"); I responded that he normally takes only 2-3 business days, so when I dropped the shirts off, the repair job wasn't urgent at the time, and that waiting four weeks for a simple repair was just too long. I did all of this while remaining civilized and not hulking out, which was a victory in itself. The guy at least had the decency to say "I'm sorry" at the end, so we parted civilly enough. I'd say the guy lost a previously loyal customer, but since I'm about to move to another workplace for a month before I leave the company, I would have been lost to him, anyway. Funny how life works, right?

When I move to my new building, I'll seek out a clothing-repair shop there.

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Charles said...

That is pretty ridiculous. You would think after the first reminder he might have gotten on the ball.