Wednesday, October 06, 2004

attack of the veeps

Not much to say about the Cheney-Edwards debate. What little I caught on CNN on my way out of the office looked polite but sounded vicious: Cheney and Edwards were, at the moment I passed the TV, each accusing the other of benefitting from tax loopholes. What stupid shit to concentrate on in a debate. The question, according to the CNN caption, was something like, "Does Edwards feel attacked by the Bush administration's rhetoric against trial lawyers?" A biased question, to be sure. Chalk one up to the GOP this time. Cheney looked composed, certainly more composed than his boss (then again, all I saw was a 30-second slice). Edwards looked smooth; both debaters were articulate and looked like they could be spending their time talking about more substantive matters. I didn't hang around to see who was moderating or what the debate ground rules were, but if that little slice was an indication, the formatting and questions for this debate aren't up to par.


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