Sunday, October 17, 2004

ImpQueen and Buttsauce

Damn-- Persephone's Synaptic Misfire got itself a new blogskin. Nice one, too. Here's a quote from a recent post (I'd give you the permalink, but I can't find it!):

I'm a mother (yes, i know, i'm much too young to have borne children.). Should one of my children turn out to be gay, that will not negate my love or support for that child. Should someone else feel the need to mention that they respect or love my child more than I do, I will probably feel the need to bash that person in the head with a large rock. What John Kerry did was wrong, because he used Mary's gayness as a shiny lure, as a holographic decoy card, if you will.

"Look over here!" he gestured, hands a'wavin'. "See? The Cheney's daughter is gay, but they don't treat her as well as I will! Of course, she won't be able to get married under my administration either, but that's beside the point, and we don't talk about that now. See? Over here! Next to the gay Republican! They have gays too, because the Vice President and his wife carry the anti-straight mutated genital-preference gene! Defective, yes, but I'll respect your defects too, if you'll vote for me!"

No wonder Mary's mother was about to blow her stack.

Over in the land of Arn, we've got a heartfelt post about the overcoming of personal trials. If I may be so bold as to quote a slice:

I wasn't given this life to piss it away in self-indulgent self-pity. Now, finally, it has to stop. I have to get back to someplace where I like living, where I like other people, where I like ME again.

Somewhere in this mess, I have to be a pretty good person. How do I know? Mainly because some of the finest, most decent people I know care very deeply about me, and aren't afraid to show it.

Kick ass, Arn.


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