Saturday, October 16, 2004

Buddhism notes and pungent foreign policy

Try this on for size: right now, right behind me in this high-class Kangnam PC-bahng, there's a Buddhist monk, in his robes, playing online go-stop (a Korean card game). This PC-bahng isn't cheap; I wonder whether his temple knows what he's up to.

In other news: from Corporate Motherfucker's review of "Team America: World Police" (warning: review contains spoilers), here's all you need to know about foreign policy and America's role:

"There are three kinds of people in this world," Johnston says. "Dicks, assholes and pussies. We're dicks, and the rest of the world are pussies. But sometimes an asshole comes along and wants to shit all over everyone, and the only kind of person who can fuck an asshole is a dick, because pussies are just an inch away from being assholes themselves." (Diplomatically, Johnston concedes, "Sometimes dicks fuck assholes at inappropriate times, and they need pussies to guide them in the right direction.")

Other notes:

My morning partner, J, told me that my move-in day is Saturday, the 23rd. I'm hoping to be re-armed with a DSL connection before the end of the month.

Today kicked my ass. All of my students came except for one no-show; I taught the better part of eight hours straight. I despise working Saturdays. Tonight or tomorrow, I've got laundry to look forward to. Joy.


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