Sunday, October 03, 2004


Dr. Vallicella blogged on this a while back, citing an interview (text in German) of noted Islam scholar Bernard Lewis (whose Islam and the West I highly recommend) by Die Welt, a conservative German publication.

A quick skim of Tacitus today led me to a Bird Dog post that in turn cites a fascinating Weekly Standard article about the intra-European repercussions of some portions of the Lewis interview. The Standard article's title is a bit misleading: the main thrust of the article isn't an in-depth exploration of how, exactly, an Islamic Europe will take shape; it's more about European discomfiture in even thinking about the problem.

If Dr. Vallicella is willing, I think a few of us would love to see an English rendering of the German interview with Dr. Lewis. My own German isn't nearly good enough to provide a reliable translation, and I'm not about to subject the interview to the imprecise surgical skills of the Babel Fish translator.

I just looked around L'Express to see if they had anything on Lewis's claim. Nothing yet.


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