Saturday, October 16, 2004

something for everyone

Something the righties will love: Fellowship 9/11 (link courtesy of Kirk). Michael Moore gets roasted in a movie short that plays like a Star Wars fan film.

Something the lefties will love: Jon Stewart's appearance on Crossfire. Leftie Begala came off as less of a jerk than rightie Carlson, who looks visibly pissed at moments.* Stewart's body language showed he saw Begala as the sympathetic ear. Sort of a mixed message: Stewart's a Kerry fan, but his purpose on the show was to accuse both men of wasting a golden opportunity to be hard-hitting with the candidates. By seeing Begala as something of an ally and by dissing Carlson so thoroughly (Stewart actually calls him a dick on camera), Stewart may have compromised his own mission. Carlson's attempts at keeping a smile on his face are worth the price of admission, though.

*Having never seen Crossfire before, I have no idea what the ambience is usually like.


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