Sunday, October 10, 2004

final fart for the evening

I'm mailing my vote in on Monday. Got my absentee ballot today at 2:30PM in Itaewon from a friendly gent with a huge "VOTE!" sign strapped to his chest. A nice lady was there helping him; she gave me the proper address to which to mail my ballot.

No, you may not know for whom I'm voting. For all you know, I'm going to make good on my threat to vote for Daffy Duck. And no, I wouldn't consider that to be a "wasted vote." I'll vote however my conscience dictates, thanks.

A shame that I missed meeting Andy the Flying Yangban. I asked the friendly gent where Andy'd gone; he said to come back in a half hour, but I couldn't stick around. He asked me how I knew Andy; I told him we'd never met, but that we were both bloggers. "What's a blog?" he asked, obviously not having been told a thing by Andy (Bushista Republicans and their penchant for secrecy, you see). I told the man that a blog was a sort of online personal journal. "Do you blog each other?" he asked. Apparently, my explanation wasn't very clear.

Anyway, Andy, sorry I missed you today, but I'm sure we'll cross paths at some point.


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