Monday, October 04, 2004

yet more postal scrotality!

The Nomad writes:


Interesting thoughts by yourself and Scott (I really do wish you had comments enabled). To Scott's comment on what if they found a boat full of commandos... gee, funny you should say that because that just happened a few years back when that sub ran aground and the keystone cops were chasing a handful of NORK commandos all over the countryside (I don't think they were here to do their Christmas shopping). Not too much happened because of that either. Same with the naval clash a few years ago. There was some blustering but mostly it was a "gosh, what will those kids do next" type attitude from SK. South Koreans may have taken on a more blasé attitude about their Northern brothers but trust me, in North Korea it's the same as it ever was.

Your last paragraph is something people should think about more than they do. As you said, there are a lot of Middle Eastern types here and with the large USFK presence, there are numerous targets of opportunity. Walk around right outside Osan AB on a Saturday afternoon - the shopping area is packed shoulder to shoulder with Americans. The clubs around bases are full of people on weekend and payday nights. On the other hand think about the population density of this country. If a terrorist wanted to inflict massive casualties on the local population, it would be quite easy. As GI Korea pointed out in his blog, the subways are prime candidates, as are the numerous apartment complexes, congested streets and shopping areas like Namdaemun or Dongdaemun.

The Nomad's also got a post on "Team America" and a post with a link to Oranckay, who quotes a rumor about a possible Islamist weapons cache in Itaewon. The Lost Nomad is fast becoming a crucial one-stop blog for Korean issues.


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