Tuesday, October 12, 2004

your date with my ass

No thanks to my boss, I now know that my move-in date has been set for the 20th of this month, which means I will be, at long last, established in my "permanent" residence.

How'd I find out about the move? A co-worker of mine told me after she came out of her monthly "pay meeting," a painful ritual the Korean staffers have to endure, in which they are asked to talk about their students, listen to student complaints about them and their expat partners, and examine in detail their own (and other Korean staffers') registration, re-registration, and absentee rates. During her meeting, my morning co-teacher J saw "Kevin's move-in day" penned into a slot on a calendar in the boss's office.

As of this writing, neither the head office nor my immediate boss has told me about the move.

This information is relevant to you, Dear Reader, because it means we'll be returning to a more graphical format once I get my computer and that lovely ADSL connection up and running. I've got a few sidebar images to create (one reason why blogrolling is a bitch), and more cartoons and Chinese characters to slap up.

I've also decided to try and make my essays on religious pluralism more accessible to the masses by providing photo essays on the subject. These photos might or might not feature my ass. Or a fruit carved in the shape of my ass. Or a fruit carved to look like it's screaming while my ass sits on it and crushes it. Or something. We'll see.


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