Saturday, October 09, 2004

thing... thing a thong...

A few thong slogans popped into my head, and once I get my computer set up, I'll be making some thong designs. CafePress doesn't give you much room for your thong design, but I think the following slogans will fit nicely on the Bermuda Triangle:

1. Testicle-free Zone
2. Welcum!
3. Jade Gate (Written as Sino-Korean characters, ok-mun)
4. The Last Guy's Dick is Still in Here Somewhere
5. You'd Better Check Under the Hood
6. (a cartoon of my leering, triumphant face) Beat Ya' To It, Asshole!
7. Caution: Occasional Eruptions
8. No Strings Attached
9. I Hope You're Hungry
10. Camels Understand Novel Theories


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