Saturday, February 12, 2005


The ingredients:

The guest stars:

Chop those shrooms:

Chop dem onions:

Choppa da carrotu!

Peel potatoes:

Chop those taters down to size!

Make the celery submit to your will!

Start boiling the hard veggies:

Attempt to make cream corn without blender. Fail miserably:

Chop up the meat:

Put aside the boiling "hard" veggies and cook that meat up!

Stir fry judiciously; be wary of burns!

Add in the boiled ingredients:

Add hunks of cheese and butter (what you see is mostly Havarti cheese):

Add milk:

Remove some chowder if the pot is too full:

Put the removed chowder aside. It'll be added back soon enough.

If the chowder's broth is too thin, add flour.

Don't forget to make the Yummy Anticipation Face:

Now it's time: pour that extra chowder back in!

And here's that final product:


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