Sunday, February 20, 2005

my ass goeth to Pusan

I'm up at 6:15AM to get dressed and catch the 8AM train out of Seoul and down to Pusan. Keep yourselves entertained by doing shots and reading my poem (see below) aloud, or go visit Dr. Vallicella's site and read his reply to my post about chaos and order and mind. I've already commented on his post.

Since Dr. V's enabled the comment function on his blog, there's nothing stopping you, Dear Reader, from leaving (civil!) comments of your own, especially if you're a Buddhist with an interest in philosophy. Dr. V's probably not going to respond to anything overly mystical (e.g., don't waste your time writing stuff like, "Three pounds of flax!"); if you're interested in a challenge, try and engage him on his own terms. Perhaps you'll be unsuccessful, as I often am, but you might find it worth your while.

And there's this: if you think such philosophical discussion is a waste of time, don't trumpet that opinion on his blog. You only make yourself look petty, and if you're a Buddhist, you're not exactly being compassionate by griping.

I won't be back home until pretty late Sunday evening. Have a fun.


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