Tuesday, February 08, 2005

watch yer ass, commenters

No, not because of me.

Someone stuck a cryptic message in my comments section saying "pretty good for a mugu." (Message deleted.) So I looked "mugu" up on Google and found this site. It says:

Address book spamming: somebody or something has been using a fake address (e.g. mugu@mugu.com) to pollute address books all over the web. There is no way for the real mugu.com to prevent that. This domain does not send or receive email at all.

This spamming attack may be connected to the Nigerian banking/money transfer email scam. The 'mugu' is a calling card left by the spammers to mark a guestbook as harvested for email addresses.

If you've left a comment in my comments section-- and that section is essentially a guestbook-- you're probably targeted for email spam. Maybe all commenters should leave the following email address in comments:


Just a thought.


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