Sunday, February 06, 2005


Bill of Bill's Comments posts in my comments section:

Very interesting answers to my questions. To return to #5, I find the idea of a benevolent universe difficult, yet not that of a benevolent God. Perhaps it is partly from my hard science training, but I consider, and have for over 40 years, that the universe is indifferent to us. Perceived benevolence is simply the adaptation over the millenia and eons of all the species to the environment in which they are found.

I also would not equate God to an ultimate reality. In the belief structure I have developed, there is objective reality, and God is something outside that, that evolved with life. Certainly at present, and perhaps infinitely, God is subjective and therefore not a demonstrable reality.

I can see where you're coming from with regard to an indifferent universe. I personally don't believe the universe is imbued with personhood. If it's "congenial" to our existence, the only evidence in favor of this is that I continue to exist, fat and happy fellow that I am.

As for equating God with ultimate reality: I'm a nontheist (not an atheist), but for me, this is the only meaningful way to talk about God. Along with the Zennists, I would say that ultimate reality is nothing special.


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