Thursday, February 24, 2005

in case you missed it

In case the previous post didn't make clear to you what the basic moral issue is, it's this:

Should one whore oneself out for money?

That is, after all, the only real reason for me to take the CDI job. I doubt I'd enjoy the work; the job will force me to work at least one weekend day; they don't even offer goddamn housing (only a housing allowance for "key money").

But to complicate matters: the money issue isn't about a desire for filthy lucre. No, young Jedi: it's about debt relief, my personal bugbear. Jacob Marley was wrapped in the chains he forged in life; my chains are all debt-shaped. If I worked at CDI for a year, it'd be in the hopes of building up an impressive reserve of cash, most of which would be fed into the gaping asshole of that bitch Sallie Mae. In the meantime, my soul would be draining out of my body, drop by drop.

If I had a soul.


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