Thursday, February 10, 2005

thus endeth the vacation

Happy post-Ash Wednesday! Feeling repentant?

You neither, huh?

Many thanks to Sperwer for emailing the suggestion to visit Wood and Brick, an Italian restaurant in the Hong-dae area of Seoul. I found it on Wednesday evening-- it was closed-- but I went there again today, Thursday, to buy the cheese. Indeed, I found decent-sized lumps of Parmesan and Gruyère there. After working so hard and for so long on those sauces yesterday, the end result was plentiful homemade pasta and dinner for two with Someone Who Shall Remain Nameless. Dinner was spaghetti with bolognese sauce and sauce aux fruits de mer (we both had a serving of each type), along with salad and spiced garlic bread. Too bad I don't drink; it was a wine kind of evening. The sauces got a great review, and my critic, who's already a talented baker, even made some extra pasta just in case there wasn't enough.

Tomorrow (Friday), it's back to the grind. Happy fucking New Year, eh? I work a 12-hour shift tomorrow, since one of our staffers is still in the Philippines, living it up.

A preview of the foodblogging:

Sauce aux fruits de mer:

The making of the red sauce (nothing canned or bottled used!):

The cackling green bell pepper:

A crucial stage in the making of corn chowder:

Probably 70-some pics in all, plus commentary from Star Wars characters, coming soon!

Hasta la vista, baby.


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