Tuesday, February 08, 2005

what your beast has in store for you

As promised, I'll be photoblogging a good bit of holiday cooking (Lunar New Year is the 9th). It's traditional to eat ddeok-guk this time of year; all the stands are selling huge plastic bags of ddeok, the rice cake, and I bought one for myself. But since I already blogged my Poor Man's Ddeok-mandu-guk recipe, I won't do that again.

No, my love: instead I'll be showing you the following:

1. corn chowder (tonight's menu)
2. pasta-making (tomorrow, after my trip to the relatives' place)
3. fondue (assuming I find Gruyere!)
4. tomato soup and grilled cheese sammich
5. spaghetti bolognese sauce
6. spaghetti aux fruits de mer sauce (basically a standard Bechamel
with clams and shrimp)

This might take a while to slap on the blog, so don't expect the photos to appear immediately. They might not appear until after the weekend, actually.

Photoblogging is a chance to be immodest, but too much immodesty brings out the angry townspeople with their torches and pitchforks, so for your own good, I won't be photoblogging any of the following:

1. The Fantastic Voyage Up My Urethra
2. My Single-handed Defeat of the North Korean Army
3. The Time I Ate a Baby on a Dare
4. The Follicular Topography of My Armpits
5. Fart Thermographs
6. People's Reactions as I Stand, Naked and Aroused, on a Street Corner

Ah, the things I do for you. And what do you pay me? Jack fucking shit.


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