Thursday, February 10, 2005

a feast for the eyes

I have over 70 foodblogging pics to upload, edit, and slap on the blog. Stuff you'll be seeing in the near future:

1. the making of corn chowder

2. crafting a tomato-based spaghetti sauce from scratch (using tomatoes, not canned or bottled tomato sauce)

3. creating a seafood white sauce

4. hand-made pasta

If I can, I'll also try to show you a decent fondue moité-moité, but getting Gruyère is the thing. Sperwer was kind of enough to give me some leads as to where I can find certain ingredients, so I'll be hunting around town tomorrow late Thursday morning/early afternoon.

Not too many ripe tomatoes in the shops around where I live. If I blog the tomato soup-making, I'll probably use canned tomato paste or sauce. You've been warned.


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