Monday, October 29, 2012

dropping my car in the shop tomorrow (maybe)

I'm driving up to Collision Experts tomorrow, in what is likely to be a drab and drizzly morning, to drop off my poor Honda Fit (if you missed the reason why, see here). I have to rent a car that same morning while I'm up in Winchester; I'm hoping I've got enough cash to pull this off. Enterprise, that hellhole, requires a $200 "security deposit" from renters who pay via bank debit card. Dickheads. I'm not sure whether this means that rent is charged on top of that $200 figure; if it is, then I very likely won't be able to afford the week-long rental. If I can't afford the rental, I won't have a car to drive to work... unless I drive my Fit back home from the body shop, keep it another week until I get paid by YB, then try this whole procedure again the following Monday, November 5.

If my slowly deflating tires last that long, that is. Life is never boring, is it?


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Aaron said...

Hate to be the messenger of bad news, but yes, I believe you will have to pay the car rental fee on top of that $200. A different agency told me about this last summer when I tried to pay with a debit card (which I quickly swapped out for a credit card). Kind of like the security deposit on an apartment - i.e. you'll get it back when you move out provided you haven't used the car in any demolition derbies.