Monday, October 15, 2012

intellesting rinkus (interesting links)

Gord Sellar writes on defining/translating the nebulous Korean concept of jeong (정).

My buddy Max writes on what we're losing, as people, as technology evolves.

Peter writes on animal consciousness.

Malcolm writes humorously on our Narcissist-in-Chief. Also, his post "It Ain't Necessarily So" rebuts the killjoy claims about our healthcare system.

Jeff takes us on a tour through a cousin's capacious home.

Skippy continues to express his doubts that Romney can win the election.

Dr. Vallicella writes a brief blurb on scientism. He also tackles the issue of being swindled here. Finally, he's been reviewing fellow philosopher Thomas Nagel's short new book, Mind and Cosmos, here and here.

New father Lee Farrand continues his humorous babyblogging here.

Michael Gilleland writes on Aurum ex Stercore (i.e., gold out of shit).

The transgressive Elisson violates the culinary rule about pairing cheese and fish. His photos look damn tasty. I want to eat my monitor.


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