Saturday, October 27, 2012

Kevin's rap 'bout da po'-po'

Au lecteur: To be read aloud, with proper rap cadence, if at all possible.

whutchew gonna do
when da fuckin' po'-po'
gotchew on da flo'-flo'
fuck you in da ass-ho'
and you screamin' "No mo'!"
and dey laughin' "Ho! Ho!"
muthafuckaz say, "Yo!"
like you gonna explo'
when you eatin' kung-po'
andjoo hurtin' down lo'
when dey beatin' you slo'
cuh' dey wanna enjo'
watchin' all yo blood flo'
comin' outchyo' ass-ho'

muthafuckaz in da house
muthafuckaz in da house
muthafuckaz in da house

If that doesn't win me some sort of literature prize, I don't know what will.


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