Saturday, October 27, 2012

I throw more food at you

How do you deal with leftover frittata-like dishes like my crustless quiche? You sandwich them up, of course! I bought some mediocre croissants from the local Food Lion, along with some strawberry jam, and made some dingle-damn breffus sandies. See below? In truth, I should call them dinner sandies, since I devoured them at around 11PM last night.

By themselves, the croissants were pretty much flavorless, so I split them, buttered their exposed insides, then put them under the broiler for 90 seconds. The quiche, meanwhile, went into the microwave for a quick warming.

And I learned my lesson about microwaving strawberry jam: don't do it. I had made this same type of sandwich just the other day, but made the mistake of spreading jam on the bread before microwaving the sandwiches entire. Lemme tell you: hot sugar burns. It burns like holy water on possessed flesh. It's not like hot wax, either, where the pain is both superficial and temporary. Sugar doesn't lose its heat quickly: it stays hot a long, long time. I knew this, of course, from having made plenty of berry syrup over the past few years, and from having been burned by said syrup a couple times. Hot sugar would make for an effective torture device. (I'm surprised Jack Bauer never caught on.) But somehow, I had forgotten this important fact, and when I bit into the microwaved sandwich, I got a vicious, jammy surprise, because dammit, my sandwich bit back. Dat shit was hot, yo!

So when I made the above sandwiches, I made them in parts-- broiling the bread, 'waving the quiche, and spreading cold jam on everything only at the very end of the assembly process. Much, much better.


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