Thursday, October 04, 2012

one dud after another

Two new kids that I'm teaching at YB.

1. Arrogant Pig. AP is smart, possibly even gifted, and generally quiet, but he's also far too willing to show off his skills in a way that makes other students feel bad. One of my girls today was puzzling over the sum of 48 and 50, and AP groused, "What? You don't know that? But that's so--" When I told AP to stop it, he turned right around and said he hadn't said anything. Yeah, that's because I cut you off, you stupid little shit.

2. Devil Child. DC has been diagnosed with ADHD, and the moment he sat down, I knew something was chemically wrong with him. He couldn't sit still; he was loud, disrespectful, willfully oblivious, and prone to thrash-fidgeting-- in other words, he's going to be a CEO someday.

I have more sympathy for DC than for AP. DC probably can't help the fact that he's a holy terror, but AP is a Greek tragedy waiting to happen, and I just hope I'm there when the gods all squat over him and evacuate voluminously.


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Charles said...

I don't envy you in the least, man. I don't know how you don't snap.