Thursday, October 25, 2012

I throw food at you

Here's a sampling of some things I cooked and ate recently. First, two shots of a Ruth-inspired stuffed pepper. This came about when I realized that I had a several-days-old green bell pepper in my fridge, and not much else. It's been prepped with some rice for the major stuffing component, some leftover marinara sauce from a Pizza Hut delivery, and some Food Lion provolone cheese. I could have spiced the pepper up, but didn't think of doing that until it was already too late.


Next up: I went to the store, bought some eggy/sausage-y supplies, and cobbled together my crustless quiche. Below, I've paired it up with my homemade oi-kimchi. Behold:



Maven said...

I love the clever MacGuyvering of ingredients in your stuffed pepper!

Something must be in the air, as I plan on doing something similar, a "chicken rellenos" type of thing w/cubed chicken, cheese, etc. Perhaps I'll even blog it at the ol' Turdmania. Stay tuned! :)

Elisson said...

Oy! Kimchi!

Kevin Kim said...


A stuffed pepper with meat in it is much better than one without. But on that particular day, I didn't have any meat at all, so I had to make do with what I had. I wish I'd had some mushrooms, though; they're a pretty good meat substitute in a pinch.


That's a Jewish "Oy," not a British "Oi," right?

Bratfink said...


Julie said...

This makes me crave for Korean foods.