Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Obama regains a bit of stature

My impression, from reading the commentaries after having come home too late to watch any of tonight's Rombama debate, is that Obama acquitted himself well. He was much more aggressive tonight than he had been on October 3, and although Romney maintained his attack posture, Obama caught Romney on some inconsistencies in Romney's attitude toward, for example, car manufacturers. Romney also made a verbal gaffe about "binders full of women" that's currently getting a lot of satirical play in the liberal tweetosphere. (Romney's gaffe is the equivalent of my tone-deaf father's saying "Atta girl!" to a thirty-something occupational therapist. Yeah... he did that. She glowered. And I cringed.) Liberals seems to be ecstatic about tonight; their dear leader was in much better form. This also means, of course, that liberals who had earlier feigned insouciance after Obama's initial debate debacle had been disingenuous: it turns out that they were, in fact, worried about their man.

But was Obama's second-round triumph enough of a victory to swing the polls back in his direction? Who knows? We'll know more by tomorrow, I'm sure.



Charles said...

Apparently Biden did well against Ryan in the veep debate, too? That's what I hear, at least. I don't actually watch these things.

Kevin Kim said...

Biden apparently didn't do as badly as had been predicted, although he did himself no favors, PR-wise, with his constant interruptions and his scary smiles and smirks. It's also hard to tell, from the VP debate commentary, just who came out on top in terms of substance.

Charles said...

I think anything short of Biden coming in drunk on SoCo, whipping out his dong, and slapping it down on the table would have been considered a victory.

Since that did not happen, I think I can safely say that we all won.