Tuesday, November 06, 2012

...and it was over-- just like that

Just got back from voting. Woke up around 5:45AM, took a few minutes to stare hopelessly at my pillow-wrinkled visage in the bathroom mirror, dig the eye-snot out of my epicanthic folds (big problem for us East Asians), brush my teeth, poop, dress, and launch my fat ass out the door to vote at the local high school, which sits just up the street. A couple dozen people were already at the voting station, but the line went remarkably quickly. I presented my voter registration card, said aloud my name and residence address, received a sanitary Q-tip to use with the touch screen, then waited for the call of "Next voter!" The vote itself took less than two minutes. (No, you don't get to know for whom I voted.) From the moment I left the apartment to the moment I began typing this post, perhaps only thirty-five minutes passed.

As I was leaving the high school, I heard a husband joshing to his wife, "We gotta cancel out our parents' votes... they're Republican."

Omen for the day?

Happy voting, folks, if you haven't done so already.


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