Wednesday, November 07, 2012

predictions from around my neighborhood

Let's hold the predictors to their predictions, shall we?

Skippy predicts an Obama victory: 286 to 252 electoral votes.

The Maximum Leader forecasts an Obama victory, 271 to 267, although he does spend some time meditating on the amusing possibility of a 269-269 tie.

John McCrarey rather bravely predicts a Romney landslide: 377 to 161.

Personally, I don't see how anyone can predict a landslide victory for either of these candidates. I think it's going to be fairly close: the difference in electoral votes won't be greater than 50.



Aaron said...

I have trouble seeing a Romney victory, let alone a landslide. But then, Michael Barone (who probably knows ground-level American politics as well as anyone) predicts an easy Romney win:

I wonder how accurate Barone's predictions have been in elections past...

The Maximum Leader said...

I believe that Skippy and I differ on the outcome in Colorado and Iowa. I should say however that I'm a bit wobbly in my predictions. If VA goes for Obama then it will be a very short night with Obama winning. I think VA will break for Romney... But I'm feeling nervous...