Thursday, November 15, 2012

car: ready to be picked up

The body shop called to tell me that my tiny Honda Fit is now ready to be picked up-- and a day early, at that. I replied via email, saying that I'd still need to pick the car up on Friday, since that's my payday, and I won't be able to pay the $250 deductible until I'm paid by YB. I'm sure the shop will have no trouble holding the car until Friday morning; they need only park it outside in their large parking lot out front.

So the plan remains the same as before: drive to Winchester on Friday morning, drop the rental off at Enterprise (where I hope to get a chargeback of $100 for the reduced security deposit that I had to pay for the rental extension), get driven by Enterprise to Collision Experts, pay my deductible to the body shop, then drive on home in my reFitted car, as if nothing had ever happened. Of course, I still owe some friends a mound of cash for helping me out, but that's something I can take care of over the next few pay periods, as long as the extra work keeps rolling in.

This weird liminal period's about to end, and life-- I hope-- will once again return to normal.


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Jeremy Norton said...

I'm also considering the Honda Fit, tell me how it goes for you. Thanks!