Thursday, November 29, 2012

attack of the FOOD

More pics from my brother David's lunches while he's in Fortaleza, Brazil. David's getting married (well, re-married, I suppose) this coming Friday; we and his wife Patricia were already officially married this past March, but this Brazil-based wedding is for Patricia's relatives, and is also, apparently, for some sort of legal reason that I don't quite understand (why would Brazil not recognize a marriage performed in America?).

Hover your cursor over the images to read David's emailed commentary on each delicious dish. Day 2 lunch:

Day 3 lunch ("Wednesday's almoço," writes David):

Day 4 lunch:

A quick note: anyone familiar with Brazilian-style rodízio (steakhouse) dining in the US has seen the coaster-like disks that say "Yes, please!" and "No, thanks!" on either side. These give the servers a chance to know whether you're too stuffed to eat or ready to soldier onward. In the above photo, you see such a disk: "SIM, por favor!" means "Yes, please!" in Portuguese.


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