Tuesday, November 06, 2012

battle of the fingernails

Some of my students come into class with very interesting-looking fingernails. As a guy, I consider myself congenitally stupid when it comes to noticing the ways in which women strive to enhance their looks: I routinely miss obvious changes in hairstyle, new articles of clothing, new purses and other accessories, etc. But nails are often front and center for some of my girls, many of whom have chosen to paint and/or decorate the ends of their digits in screamingly loud ways. Here are two examples of striking fingernails from this past Saturday. First up is my Pakistani student, whom I'll call MM:

MM admitted that her spiderwebs were a press-on job; actually painting her nails like that would have taken both time and insane precision.

Next, we've got my Chinese student, WS, who actually did do her own nails:

The two girls took a few seconds to admire each other's handiwork (ha ha-- get that? I made a pun!), and then we got down to the business of studying for the SAT.


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