Sunday, September 29, 2013

129.6 kg

Not much weight loss to report, but I'm down from 130.1 kilograms on September 14 to a new low of 129.6 (285.8 pounds).

As John McCrarey likes to say on his blog: onward and downward.



Charles said...

Still, a loss is a loss.

John said...

What Charles said.

I think it is all the more impressive given your loss appears to be entirely from an increase in physical activity rather than diet.

It was somewhat jarring to read about that massive meal and TWO sugar laden bottles of soda and then encounter your weight loss post. Of course, that was written prior to the meal I suppose. Anyway, once you add a diet regimen to your daily routine I expect the weight will drop fast. Seems you have a great metabolism. Lucky bastard.

Kevin Kim said...




Yes, the post was written when I had, uh, emptied myself out, as I normally try to do before each weigh-in. I doubtless gained weight from the meatfest, but next week, when I weigh myself again, I'll likely have lost a bit more weight. I now have to walk 30 minutes a day, four days a week, whether I want to or not. If I don't do the walk, I lose my job.

As for my metabolism... I wish I had the kind of metabolism that burned food at a ferocious rate. I knew a dude in college who had a condition: if he didn't eat huge volumes of food every day, his body would eat itself and kill him. I want THAT condition!

My body doesn't seem to respond well to dieting, as I've fairly thoroughly documented on this blog. People kept trying to tell me, during my Taubesian phase, that I must have been doing something wrong, and while it's true I backslid at some points, there were weeks and weeks where I was scrupulous. Hearing those accusations was a bit like being a cancer patient and hearing that the cancer was somehow my fault.

I think we're all blessed or cursed with different biologies, body chemistries, whatever. In my case—and I know I've made this claim on the blog a few times—my body responds almost immediately to changes in physical activity, whatever my diet may be. So really, for me, that's where the answer to weight loss lies: in being much more active. It means getting off my ponderous ass, going out, and living life.

I know my friend Sperwer is champing at the bit, impatient to get me on his bodybuilding regimen. I suspect he understands instinctively that I could, in theory, become a true hulk with the proper training. I agree that that's possible, although I've never, in my life, been "ripped." The closest I've come to having a muscular physique was junior year in college. By the time I left Switzerland, after all that hiking and all those pullups in my Swiss family's house, I could do seven pullups in a row and run 1.5 miles—run, not jog—without slowing or stopping. Those were the days, eh? May they return!

John said...

Well, that's one of the benefits to being in Korea I suppose--lots of opportunities to walk. I'm by nature pretty sedentary but walking those subway steps, and from the subway to my destination (ok, usually a bar, but still) is a lot more exercise than I'd normally get.

Here in Columbia, walking is really not an option, as least as far as an alternative to driving. Everything is urban sprawl and there are hardly any sidewalks or other encouragements for pedestrians. I do an hour on the treadmill most days and that has made a big difference for me.

Keep after it!