Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Charles brings da heat

Charles and his wife Hyunjin sent me a wonderful housewarming gift: an oven! Take a look at the following three photos. First, there's the anticipation pic, to get us in that "kid at Christmas" frame of mind:

In the above image, you also see an envelope that has nothing to do with Charles's gift. No: that envelope contained my three neckties, left behind at John McCrarey's daughter-in-law's apartment this past May. The girl's boyfriend graciously mailed them to me.

Next, below, we've got a lovely shot of the oven and all of its accessories:

Finally, below, a shot that takes us into the mouth of the lion, so to speak:

Because I'm now on vacation, and have managed to finish all my lesson planning for next week, I do believe I'm going to take some of my hard-earned cash, spend it on meat and other things, and bake or broil myself something very un-Buddhist.

Thanks, Charles!



Bratfink said...

So that is like the ultimate toaster oven thing?

Sheldon would probably set the house on fire with one.

Charles said...

If I remember correctly, you promised your kingdom for an oven. When I can I pick that up?

hahnak said...

im crying. awesome!