Thursday, September 19, 2013


All the barbershops and beauty salons along Hayang Street were closed today. I did, however, meet one of my adult students (Korean class) on the street; she and her friend/colleague had a productive day, going off to Gyeongju to walk around and see the sights. Gyeongju is such an eminently walkable city, and it's fantastic in the off-season; I'll be going there myself in the fall. I admit I was a bit envious. My own day was much more sedentary: I did a bit of local shopping when I realized I wasn't getting a haircut anytime soon, then I went back to my studio and watched Tommy Lee Jones versus Samuel L. Jackson in the HBO production of Cormac McCarthy's play, "The Sunset Limited." I may write a review of that production soon.

And that's about it for me. I've got a stuffy/runny nose to replace my sore throat, and I sneeze occasionally. My coccyx no longer flares with agony when I sneeze, which is a sign that the healing continues. My eye infection is completely gone, and I've got a free Friday ahead of me. It's all good. I still need to shop for galbi and budae-jjigae and oi-kimchi ingredients, and I might need to purchase a small rice cooker while I'm at it.

A haircut on Friday, then, perhaps. And a campus walk as well...?


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Walk into one of the basement ones and tell them you want a little "trim". Let the magic happen!